HC Driver training 


What can I drive with HC License? 

  • HC (heavy combination) class vehicle allows you to drive a prime mover and semi-trailer; or
  • A heavy rigid class vehicle with a trailer that has a GMV (gross vehicle mass) exceeding nine (9) tonnes.
  • Authorised to tow one but no more than one trailer in addition to the trailer or semi-trailer because of which it is classified as of class HC if the additional trailer has a GVM not exceeding 9 t; or
  • An unladen converter dolly or low loader dolly as defined in the Road Traffic (Vehicle) Regulations 2014.
  • Any motor vehicle under HR class

Requirements for taking a HC Class driving test:

In order to gain an HC class licence, you must have held both:



Training & Assessment


$389.00 - Booking & admin fee (Includes Dept. of Transport fees)

$250 - per training hour

Credit card payment: $389.00 payable to Daysafe to book your training. All lessons are $250 per hr.
Purchase Orders: Companies will need to supply a PO to Daysafe for the Booking Fee. 
Note: The practical driving assessment is conducted by a Department of Transport assessor.

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