What can I drive with HR SYNCHRO License (HR-B)?

A HR-B licence allows you to drive heavy vehicles fitted with a Synchromesh Gearbox or an Automatic Transmission. This license does not allow you to drive a truck fitted with a Road Ranger gearbox.

Heavy Rigid Trucks have 3 or more axles and a gross vehicle mass greater than 8,000 kg, and tow a trailer up to 9,000 kg GVM.

Requirements for taking a HR-B Class driving test:

In order to gain an HR-B class licence, you must have one of the following:



    Our HR-B courses are based on a duration of around 8hrs - Approx. 6hrs training + PDA + Theory Assessment

    NOTE: This is based on an average and may vary person to person.




    Daysafe Booking & Licensing Fees: $389.00 (Covers Department of Transport and RTO admin fees and theory assessment time)

    Training Fee: $180.00 per hr (including Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) hour))

    • Training sessions must be paid either prior to, or on the day of training.
    • Payment plans can be arranged, however, full price must be paid prior to start.
    • Booking fees are transferrable (with sufficient notice) but not refundable.
    • All prices include Dept. of Transport fees.


    Re-Assessment (if required) is $349.00 which includes Practical driving assessment and Dept. of Transport fees. 


    • No GST applies to Nationally Recognised Training.
    • Some students may be eligible for the Construction Training Fund Rebate. 
    • A $49.90 license application fee is also payable directly to DoT by applicant. (For the license card)
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